Nominations for MATES 2014 Best Paper Award

We are glad to announce that three papers have been nominated for this year’s Best Paper award at MATES:

  • Jianye Hao, Siqi Chen, Gerhard Weiss, Ho-Fung Leung and Karl Tuyls.
    Robustness Analysis of Negotiation Strategies through Multiagent Learning in Repeated Negotiation Games
  • Florian Pantke, Stefan Edelkamp and Otthein Herzog.
    Planning with Numeric Key Performance Indicators over Dynamic Organizations of Intelligent Agents
  • Alexander Pokahr, Lars Braubach, Christopher Haubeck and Jan Ladiges.
    Programming BDI Agents with Pure Java

The winner of the Best Paper Award will be announced at the Closing Session of MATES on Thursday, September 25, 15:30-17:00.